Cinematic Scotland’s Brave Tour: Traditional Harris Tweed weaving

Norman Mackenzie discusses his work

Norman Mackenzie discusses his work

As Disney Pixar’s Brave comes to cinemas around the world, we take a trip to some of the Scottish locations that inspired the filmmakers.

I have a confession to make about this post in my Brave tour; as far as I know there is no Harris Tweed in the film.

That said, on our way between the Arnol and Gearrannan blackhouses on the Isle of Lewis our driver, Doug, stopped off at the workshop of Norman Mackenzie of Carloway Harris Tweeds.

Harris Tweed can only be made in the Outer Hebrides by hand (or, more accurately by foot) using local wool and it’s a tradition that has had many ups and downs over the years. Currently there’s a bit of a boom in the Harris Tweed industry (one weaver on Lewis is employed by Nike for special projects!) and Norman spends a few hours a day at his loom.

He explains more in this short video. Who knows, if there’s a Brave 2 Harris Tweed could be a key plot point, so pay attention at the back!

Visiting the Isle of Lewis

The trip I took to the Isle of Lewis was with Rabbies Small Tours Groups, the five day Escape to the Edge Tour, staying two nights in Stornoway, capital of the Western Isles with a night in Ullapool and Portree before and after.

Adult Prices: £275 – £295
Discount Prices: £255 – £275
Departing: Tuesdays (May to September)

Full details can be found on the Rabbies website.

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