Edinburgh Map

Hallam Foe filming on Cockburn Street, courtesy Edinburgh Film Focus

In association with the National Library of Scotland’s Going to the Pictures: Scotland at the Cinema exhibition, we take a trip around the centre of Edinburgh and show that the Capital’s heritage is not just made up of castles and shortbread, but celluloid and stardust as well.

In the Edinburgh Cinematic Walking Trail we celebrate the Capital’s cinema connections through the years, showing where films where shot and the cinemas they were shown in.

Download PDF

Download PDF

Pick up a paper copy of the map at the National Library of Scotland, or click to the left to download the PDF version.

Following the route…

As well as a printed version of the map we’ve created an online edition via Google Maps. The suggested route is circular, so you can join it at any point that’s handy and go round in any direction that’s convenient. The full loop is around 3 miles, taking about 2.5 hours at a reasonable strolling pace. Good starting points include Waverley Station, the National Library of Scotland, and the Filmhouse or the Cameo.

The route breaks down into several sections, so if you’re short of time you could always just do the bit that’s of most interest. A few points off-route are also suggested for the most enthusiastic!

Have we missed your favourite cinema? Did you see something being filmed in your street? What did we miss? Let us know!

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